Border Terrier Agility League   

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Congratulations 2013

Have you and your Border managed to win out / get your first clear round?

Let me know and i'll post it here for everyone to see.

Let's brag about our brilliant Borders


In 2013 we did this.............


Alison Moore & Hawk's Boy at Fwirranteree (Loki)

Won out of Grade 2 by winning 1-3 Agility at the Isle of Man show (5/5/2013)

Alison Moore & Termlingtor Twiglet at Fwirranteree (Sigyn)

Got their first ever clear round in 1-4 jumping at the Ramsey DTC show and managed a 2nd place! (11/5/13)




Gill Smith & Northborders Red Storm AW(B) (Branston)

Won out of Grade 3 by winning 1-4 Agility @ Lune Valley Show (7/7/13) 

Lesley Edwards & Intack Sunkistfloribunda (Flora)

Won out of Grade 3 by winning 1-4 Agility @ Derbyshire show (26/7/13)


Lyn Wells & Dornoch Tjorn (Tjorn)

Won into Grade 7 by winning 5-7 Agility @ Dundee show  (18/8/13)


Val Woolrich & Adrival Simply Betty (Betty)

Won out of Grade 3 @ Hare'n'Hounds show by winning 1-3 jumping (her 3rd jumping win) (22/9/13)

Julie Bone & Adrival Free'n'Easy (Freeway)

Won out of Grade 1 by winning 1-2 Combined Agility @ Blenheim show (8/9/13)

Jan Church & Kyscafter Lasting Image AW(B) (Pixel)

Have received their Agility Warrant (Bronze) Certificate (28/9/13)