Border Terrier Agility League   

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League Rules

The Border Terrier Agility League is open to Border Terriers only.
All dogs must be purebred, but they don't have to have a KC Pedigree (as we appreciate that some Border Terriers which have been rescued may not have papers). No crossbreeds allowed.

All heights of Border Terrier (Small/Medium) will compete in the league against each other in their respective categories i.e. Grade 1, Grade 2 etc

The categories are as follows: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7. From the above categories there will also be a trophy awarded for the Best Veteran (seven years and over on 1/1/2020). Any changes made to the dogs grade/age/owners name, address etc must be made at the beginning of each year, changes cannot be made for grade changes/eligibility for veterans after registration. If a dog wins out of a Grade, during the season he/she will remain in the grade that they started the year in.

The league will run from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020

Points can be gained from KC Open shows, KC limit shows, KC capped shows and UKA shows. Unaffiliated shows do NOT count towards the league..
Inter-club matches, Winter Leagues, Pay on the Day, Pairs, Team or Brace classes will NOT count towards the league.

Points from the following 'special' classes will count for towards points for the league: Helter Skelter, Take Your Own Line, Snooker, Time Fault & Out, Beat the Clock, Gamblers, Power and Speed, Touch and Go, Allsorts/Anysize Jumping, & steeplechase' style jumping classes.
Championship classes will count towards the league for points but only the agility and jumping qualifying rounds (not the final, which is entry restricted). Points for any 'Finals' for which you have to qualify (i.e. entry restricted) will not count for league points either.

In all categories points for more than one dog cannot be added together.

Points can still be gained if the dog is run by another handler.

Points will be awarded as follows:
For Kennel Club AGILITY classes
1st place 30 points to 20th place 11 points. Unplaced clear round 6 points
For Kennel Club JUMPING/SPECIAL classes
1st place 25 points to 20th place 6 points. Unplaced clear round 3 points

For UKA AGILITY classes
1st place 20 points to 4th place 17 points. Unplaced clear round 4 points
1st place 15 points to 4th place 12 points. Unplaced clear round 2 points
Places will only be awarded for places if a rosette is actually awarded.

It is the owners' responsibility to send in their points via the website or email.

Points must be claimed WITHIN ONE CALENDAR MONTH OF THE SHOW TAKING PLACE, after that time the points will be lost.
In the event of a draw, the dog with the highest overall placings during the year will win.

Final results for the year must be received by 30th January 2021.

The annual subscription fee is £5.00 per dog. if paying by direct transfer or cheque. Please email for account details if required.
The fee will rise to £5.50 per dog if PayPal is used to cover PayPal costs.

A small keepsake trophy will be awarded to the winners, and rosettes for the 2nd and 3rd placed dog of each category.
The trophies and rosettes will be posted to the winners early in 2021.